Masternode Pool Provider Comparison 2019

We explain what these investment providers do and how they differ.

Plattform Membership Fee Minimum Invest Mind. Runtime Invest processing time Payout interval Ø ROI Service Fee Invite levels Deposit methods
NodePools Recommended $ 20 0 € $ 50 1 weeks 48 hours Starting with earnings of 0,001 BTC daily Based on the coin of the selected Masternode 20% 3 levels ($ 5, $ 1,50, $ 0,50 pro invited user
+ 2 %, 1,5 %, 0,5 % of the earnings of the invited earnings, payed by platform)
Bitcoin or with the coin you invest in
GetNode 1000 € / 0,2 BTC 180 days 10-14 days Every 2 weeks 0 to 100 % 25 % 3 levels (8 %, 6 %, 2 % of the earnings) Euro oder BTC
Masternode365 $ 25 $ 120 No information available 30 days No information available Based on the selected coin 3 % 2 levels (1,5 % und 0,5 % of the earnings) Bitcoin, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Dash, Ether, Pivx, SmartCash, Monero, ZCoin and Horizen
StakingLab.io 1 Coin No information available Daily processing Requests possibel Tuesdays and Fridays until 18:00 Based on the coin of the selected Masternode 5 % / 7.5 % (instant­Masternodes) 3-20 % of the earnings of the invited users Pay with coin you invest in
StakeCube No information available 0,03 BTC No information available No information available No information available No information available 4 % No information available No information available
SimplePosPools No minimum No information available Time until Masternode complete + 3 earnings periods No information available No information available 5 % + first 3 earnings No information available Pay with coin you invest in
PoolNode No information available 50 € if payed with BTC or 1000 € wehen payment in Euro 365 days 10-14 days, 30 days if under 1000 € No information available 0-100 % 35 % 3 levels(8 %, 4 %, 2 % der Eträge) BTC

What are Masternode Pools?

Since Dash implemented the concept of Masternodes in 2014 as the first cryptocurrency, interest in Masternodes has grown steadily. Primarily, they continue to serve the purpose of network validation, and are considered an efficient alternative to traditional mining. In addition, over the past few years, masternodes have become an attractive investment opportunity that can generate relatively stable earnings. They owe their rise to the fact that classical crypto-mining has lost much of its lucrativeness over the years. This is due, on the one hand, to the very high energy and resource consumption of the mining industry and, on the other hand, to the large fall in the price of bitcoin (and other cryptocurrencies) at the end of 2017.

As a result, more and more new coins have evolved that instead rely on masternodes in their network for validation - and at the same time, general interest in the topic has grown. However, to be able to hold a masternode, some requirements must be met. For example, the operator has to deposit a certain amount of the corresponding coins on his node, otherwise no masternode may be set up. That can make the entry expensive. Furthermore, technical specifications must be observed: For example, a masternode should remain permanently connected to the network and be accessible over the Internet at any time, with an exclusive IP-Address. Any loss of connection can have a negative effect. Generally, experience tacit knowledge in dealing with crypto-wallets as well as server configurations and administration is necessary. But do not worry: these hurdles can be overcome by users that are interested but lack the technical knowledge or enthusiasm to deal with it, because there are simpler ways to use Masternodes as an investment opportunity than operating them yourself.

Similar to website hosting, a few companies have specialized in hosting virtual private servers (VPS) for the purpose of hosting Masternodes. These simplify the hosting of Masternodes as technical service providers. However even more convenient and more popular, however, are the providers of so-called masternode pools. Here, the complete process is usually taken over for the users: from the first investment to the income payment.

A Masternode pool is a series of Masternodes summarized, usually for the same coin. You can invest in this pool with other investors, instead of sacrificing effort, time, and money to set up your own Masternodes. Providers use a variety of approaches to hosting the Masternode pools, giving users multiple investment opportunities.

The differences of the Masternode Investment Pool providers

Most providers of masternode pools offer a selection of coins and networks to choose from - in this case, the user has full control over which coin he wants to invest in. Currently, for example, Masternodes365 offers 6 different coins: besides DASH, PIVIX and ZCOIN, there are Horizon, Blocknet and Smartcash. NodePools works similarly, but offers a slightly different selection: They offer Pools for ZCoin, Insurenet, GinCoin, TWIN and Energi – and the portfolio is constantly being expanded. Practical differences arise from the way the masternode pool providers work: NodePools already runs its pools with equity capital. Meaning you can buy into these existing pools as an investor and thus immediately generate income as soon as the deposit is completed. At Masternodes365, on the other hand, you invest with others in the opening of a new Masternode. Only when enough other investors and capital have been gathered, the new Masternode can be operated – only then income is generated. Similar services also include StakingLabs, StakingCube, and SimplePosPools.

The Club of GetNode works differently again. Here, the employees of GetNode develop a portfolio of different lucrative masternodes- so you do not just invest in a single coin or a single node. According to GetNode, the portfolio is deliberately diversified: it seeks to maintain a balance between high-risk coins that allow high returns but can also plummet just as quickly, and large, established coins that protect investment and stability to lend. Although GetNode achieves particularly good ROIs in this way, at the same time the investor lacks the opportunity to decide which Masternodes he would like to invest in and what level of risk he is willing to take - because these decisions are taken by the employees.

We tested the competitors, examined them more closely and summarized our results in a comparison chart. Please note, however, that all models differ slightly and therefore it is not always possible to make accurate comparisons. In addition, not all providers make their model completely transparent, so some information may be lacking absolute accuracy. Nonetheless, our comparison chart should make your decision about investing in masternode pools a lot easier. Before you invest, you should deal intensively with the topic and the various providers. Also, never invest more money than you can afford to lose. As ultimately, the investment in Masternodes and Masternode pools remains tied to speculation with cryptocurrencies.

Masternode ROIs




Nodepools is our recommendation. The reasons are obvious. Absolutely customer-oriented and customer-friendly. Payouts with low threshold, transparency of the coins you can invest in, no long contract periods, immediate start after the investment without long waiting times.



Masternodes365 is also recommendable. Those who want to invest in Altcoins can do so with Masternodes365. Unfortunately, there is a 30 day processing time and wait until the pool is full, which is not so beneficial. The weekly payout interval is OK. The low service charge brings pluses, but there is a membership fee to compensate that.



GetNode has been on the market for some time now, but unfortunately it has not kept up with the times, processing time of 10 - 14 days is very long, payout every 2 weeks is not advantageous from our point of view as well as the 180 days minimum term. Additionally there is no transparency in what coin the money is invested into. This puts GetNode in 3rd place on our ranking. Also worth mentioning is the 0.2 BTC or 1.000 Euro minimum invest, which is relitivly high.



StakeCube does not reveal much information about their operation. Low investments can be seen as a positive. We will be adding more information as soon as we have tested the system further and have found more infomation.



PoolNode is the copy of Getnode with a focus on lower minimum investments. PoolNode catapults itself onto the last place due to its 365 day minimum term and high fees. There is also no information on PoolNode in which coins one invests in.


Masternode ROIs